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**EDIT: Please read my updated review on Mason Bottle**

While on my hunt for an affordable DIY glass baby bottle I came across this wonderful company Mason Bottle. They made products specifically to be used with mason jars, and they are made in the USA! They offer introductory kits to DIY it yourself (just use an old jar you already have), they also offer kits complete with jars, silicone bottles, sippy straws, and much more.

After using my DIY bottles for a little while to see how I liked them, I decided to give their products a try. I was gifted an introductory DIY kit to try out by my lovely Aunt. It came with a silicone sleeve to fit an 8oz (0.3 kg) jar, a slow flow nipple, and a cap to fit the jar (unfortunately I have misplaced that cap).

The sleeves were very nice they have cut out to see the milk level as well as measurements in ounces and milliliters. Sometimes the sleeves can slip down a bit so I prefer to use the jars that have measurements on them when traveling with these sleeves to make sure the water level is accurate for measuring or I will use a measuring cup when at home. This is only a big deal as I am formula feeding. When I was pumping being 100% accurate was not as crucial as long as it was around the correct amount of ounces she was drinking at the time. I love the aqua color, it happened to match Stella’s things perfectly! Having some other color choices would be nice, but honestly, I think it is a nice gender neutral color.

Mason Bottle also offers plastic rings and caps if you don’t like using the metal rings. Normal mason jar rings can sometimes rust and having plastic rings is a way to avoid that completely. It is really personal preference if using plastic rings bothers you or if you prefer to stick to the metal rings. It is a huge plus for me to have the cap attached because I can be terrible at setting down a cap and never seeing it again. Now I did have some issues with a few of these rings leaking. I contacted customer service and got a very timely response. I spoke with a very professional individual who was able to give me some solutions to my problem and I could not be happier!

The nipples are very sturdy and easy to clean. They offer several flows as well: Slow, Medium, Fast, and Flexible. They have ventilation, and we have never had issues with gas. Stella, unfortunately, had some issues at first latching due to them not being as flexible as some nipples. She has always had a tough time latching and was a very small baby. When reaching out to Mason Bottle I learned the also offered an Extra- Soft Infant nipple for babies with latching issues, and they were kind enough to send us out one to try. It was much more flexible than the regular slow flow nipple. She was able to latch perfectly! This level of customer care really blew me away. We are looking forward to trying out the other flows as she grows!

Mason Bottle also has products that take your mason bottles and let them grow with your baby. They make a Toddler Tumbler which is a silicone bottle and soft straw top. The straw top can be used with your jars to turn them into sippy cups. The smaller 4oz jars can also be repurposed for purees and snacks down the road too. Having products like this that can transition as your baby grows helps to reduce “baby clutter”. I can’t wait to try these out in the future.

I love using colored glass jars!

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Mason Bottle. They offer quality products and great customer service. It is an affordable solution for anyone wanting to venture into using glass bottles on a budget.

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    1. Hey! Unfortunately with the plastic rings that mason bottle sells I have never not experienced leaking. I just used stainless steel metal rings I purchased online and the cap that they sell for the metal rings on mason or I would use the grey plastic rings only with the silicone bottles. I never got any sort of resolution from the company. Even after they reached out to me again to fix it and they again stopped communication and never sent out a working product. Very disappointing. Their customer service has drastically lacked any sort of quality.

      1. oh my that is so disappointing to hear. Sigh. They also do not accept returns from their site. I’m pretty frustrated by the whole thing – I tried so hard to make these work and wasted money plus plastic….which I was trying to avoid. Thanks for your response!

        1. You are welcome! I would contact them and tell them they leak. Maybe you will have better luck with customer support. I am going to update this post about the recent issues regarding customer support as well as reach out to the company again directly regarding yours and many other peoples issues I’ve been receiving via email.

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