The Do’s and Don’ts of Bathing with Baby

When it came down to bath time in our house I was not really sure what method was going to work best for us. I always do my research and try to find the best sources, as well as, asking her pediatrician. We started with sink baths using several different devices like baby tubs etc… and then transitioned to tub baths again using baby tubs and things, but this was just not something that was convenient for our family. So I started to bathe with her. It was super easy and it was a great way to increase bonding time. I could bathe and get ready for the day, we could have some skin to skin time, and we could have some play time with water toys. In a way, I felt safer being in the water with her physically.

Get the Essentials

You always want to get your bath essentials ready and in arms reach. Once you get in the tub with your baby it is not as easy getting out to get something quickly and you should never rush out of the tub, that’s how accidents can happen.

We would always take all our bath toys, soaps, Etc… and I would always take a bath seat. Now, my bath seat was not necessarily made for the bath but it was a hard plastic baby seat that sat very easily in the tub and water. It gave her support but of course I never solely relied on that. Just one second of not paying attention or thinking the seat was enough could be disastrous. You also have to make sure your baby can sit up in a seat like that unsupported before using this method. The bath seat was very handy for us and gave her a sense of independence where she could really experience and touch the water. You always want to have your hands on your baby, a wet baby is slipperier than you think.

I would also have her towel ready and a seat or bouncer set up just outside the tub for when it was time to get out. At first, when Stella was smaller I would always have my partner there waiting to grab her for me so I could get out of the tub safely. Now that she is older I just grab her, towel wrap her up, and plop her in her seat outside the tub.


Water temperature is a big factor you have to consider. Water temperature that you may like may be way too hot for your baby, but at the same time, you don’t want it too cold either as babies get cold very easily. I was given a rubber ducky that would indicate water temperature at my baby shower and it was really a big help at gaging the right temp. It’s the same pricipal as bathing your baby any other way always check the tempurature.

What if your baby poops?

Well, this is something that may happen and is just a part of being a parent. I cannot tell you how many times I have been pooped and peed on. If it does happen something that helped me was having a detachable shower head. I would drain the tub, then start the shower, double check the water temp, and then do a quick spritz off. I would always keep the shower head detached and easily accessible for this just in case.

Now I am by no means an expert or a doctor, just a mom with some of her own experiences to share. Please always do your own research, because something that works for me may not be something that works for you or your family.

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