Never Too Young To Explore

When I was growing up one thing I will always remember was my Aunt taking me to museums and other fun learning experiences. We would try interesting foods and she always wanted to expand my mind. I want to raise my daughter that way, to be an open minded individual. It’s never too early to learn and introduce new and exciting experiences. Today my partner, my sister, and I decided to take advantage of living so close to a big city like Atlanta. I googled free things to do in Atlanta and on the second Sunday of every month, The High Museum of Art in Atlanta has a free day. We loaded up Stella and headed out on her first big outing in the city. I know this is not something she will remember at only 5 months old, but she loved every second of being there. The bright colors and beautiful artwork held her attention and she couldn’t look away. She was captivated and would “talk” to the paintings like they were alive.

Even though she won’t remember this experience, I hope to take her on many more adventures where she can expand her mind and learn. If you feel like a tight budget is holding you back from making exciting memories check for free days like this or exploring a park or the odd book shop that is hidden away. You can make anything a fun learning experience.

I want her life to be filled with a passion for learning and understanding, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this amazingly bright girl. 

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