Mason Jar Lifestyle: Silicone Sleeves for Mason Jars

I plan on getting their Mint color next!

When venturing into using glass products (especially for child products) I was worried about drops and breaks. I came across silicone sleeves made just for mason jars. At the time Stella was still drinking under 4oz so I bought her three different sets of these adorable sleeves from Mason Jar Lifestyle.

The sleeve are solid silicone, thick, and feel very sturdy. I choose yellow, blue, and coral but they have many other colors to choose from. You can purchase them as singles or two packs, and they offer different sizes for different jars.

There is a con to using these as baby bottles (they are not necessarily marketed for this use) you cannot see the milk level when the sleeves are on. It is super easy to slip them off and check. They are snug but not so tight you have to struggle to get them on and off. The biggest pro for me however is they are so durable! I have dropped several jars (Even thrown them half across the room on accident) while wearing these sleeves with no breaks.

These little 4oz sleeves are still super useful even though Stella has moved on to larger bottles. We use them as on the go formula containers or even for baby food storage. I have personally only found two companies that offer silicone sleeves for 4oz jars Mason Jar Lifestyle and Mason Bottle. If anyone else has found another company I would love to know!

The company also offers many other accessories for your mason jars. This is great when you are trying to transition out of bottles for your little one. So far I have only tried the 4oz sleeves but I will definitely be purchasing other things to try in the future. Mason Jar Lifestyle customer support is also great! Unfortunately one of the sleeves I received did not fit properly and customer service was absolutely amazing! I was sent out a replacement that very same day. Companies like this who offer products to repurpose items you already own is a blessing to anyone on a budget.

I will definitely be doing an updated post on some of the other products they offer soon!

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