Mason Bottle: Update

I have to say I love the concept of this company and most of the products I have purchased, but with that being said there are a few things that have not hit the mark for me. One major issue being the customer service I have received.

The Nipples

When I first ordered the Mason Bottle Nipples I found them to be very hard silicone. Now, this is not a bad thing at all, as Stella has grown and become a nipple biter (sigh) these more sturdy nipples are a necessity, but when she was a newborn they were just a bit too tough for her. She would leak EVERYWHERE! There was a saving grace for Mason bottle, they offered soft infant nipples that were made of a softer very flexible silicone. They do not show these as a normal listing on their site and I wish they would. I had to contact customer support regarding sending back my regular nipples before I even knew they existed. They were kind enough to send us out 2 free ones to try. For us, they were a lifesaver and we never looked back. We had no leaking, no gas, no issues at all. Fast forward to six months old, those slow flow infant nipples are just not cutting it for us. So, I pulled back out the regular slow flow nipples I had stored away and gave them a whirl. The slow flow only has one hole but I noticed there seemed to be some inconsistency as far as hole size, one nipple was just a bit faster than another. There was something about these that still just wasn’t right for Stella and it was so frustrating. One day my husband accidentally grabbed a box of medium flow nipples I had under the sink. I felt the medium flow, even though it had 2 holes, was a slower and a much more narrow stream of milk come out of the two holes. When you looked at the medium flow nipples you could barely see the holes it just looked like small dots in the silicone and you could not see a defined hole. When you looked at some of the slow flow you could clearly see a hole that would produce a much larger stream of milk… (I will try my best to get pictures of what I mean) She has to suck a bit harder to get the milk out of the medium flow and can get a really good latch compared to the slow, which almost pours out without much effort (to me I feel is a bit backward I could be totally wrong though). Maybe these were just defective nipples I received and they are not all like this, it was just my experience with them.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Stella LOVES the medium flow nipples and was just not able to use the slow flow. So I was stuck with 6 slow flow nipples we never even got to use (most of them were gifts but still…) There seemed to be some factory variations in our slow flow nipples. We skipped right from the soft infant nipples straight to medium-slow in the blink of an eye.

**Now these are just the things I experience and what my child liked and could use. It is all very dependent on your child. I know some moms that never had any issues with the harder regular flow nipples.**

Plastic Ring and Caps

Here is where it all got a bit iffy for me. From day one I have always had a leak with the plastic rings they came out with. My father had purchased me quite a few because my child and I traveled a lot and the convenience of the cap being attached was nice. Well, all of the rings purchased leaked. I reached out to customer support. It took a little bit and finally I was sent replacements but not as many rings as I bought originally was sent. It seemed like every time I brought this up they just ignored that. It just got to the point that I did not want to deal with their lack of customer support. I ended up only using the plastic caps with the Toddler Tumbler they somehow did not leak as badly with those. I just wished I could have used them while my child used bottles. She has not been using bottles since 11 months old.

I was also contacted on Instagram (@PuppiesandPampers) after speaking with another mom on Instagram comments that had issues with the rings as well. I told her my ongoing issues and she asked me if I still lived at the last address they had on file. I did not so I gave her my updated address and I NEVER HEARD FROM THEM. The message was seen in November of 2018. I am writing this in March 2020 after I saw a random email from customer support in February 2020. November-February is a long time to have to wait on any customer support. I have always understood it is a small company so I was really hesitant to post this update. I still love the products as they are innovative but I am just disappointed that after great customer support regarding the nipples, in the beginning, I now feel like customer support disappears for months on end. I will update all again once I hear back from customer support.

**Now I will note that the beginning part of this review regarding the nipples was written a while ago and not posted. I will come back and place dates and emails regarding the wait times when I have time.**

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