Mason Bottle: Silicone Bottle

Toddler Tumbler

**UPDATE: I will be making a follow-up post to update you all on these! STAY TUNED**

I ordered the toddler tumbler when Stella was about four months old. I wanted to try out the silicone bottle in hopes it might be easier to hold than glass and was super excited to try out the sippy straw when she was big enough. We honestly never really used it even as a bottle until she was about six months old, but I really enjoyed using it once we finally tried it out.

We use it every time we travel because it is lighter and easier to pack and is a bit slimmer than mason jars. I don’t have to worry about it being thrown from the stroller and breaking. Stella is in a BIG throwing phase so this has come in handy on many trips. I also love to put smoothies and purees in it and use a transitional nipple. Stella is very into self-feeding at the moment and its less mess than handing her a squeeze pouch. She loves the feel of the silicone it is nice and soft, and I adore the color. I would one day love to see some other color options though.

No plastic comes in contact with the milk/liquid and the silicone is 100% food grade and made in the USA. If you want to go truely plastic free I have used metal rings instead of the ones that come with the bottle. It has both ounce and milliliter measurements on the inside of the bottle. These can be a little tricky to see sometimes if you are blind like me. If you have to make a bottle on the fly at 4 AM and trying to keep the lights low it is hard to see the markings inside the bottle, especially the smaller measurements. This is not the biggest deal when you have good lighting but something to note. These bottles do trap smells more than glass bottles. I am not sure if this is normal for all silicone bottle since this is the first I have tried. I usually soak them with soap and hot water for a bit and that takes care of the smelliness, but I would like to get my hands on the Como Tomo bottles to see if there is a difference in the silicones as far as smells are concerned.

Overall I do like these bottles and use them quite a lot as we travel. To sum it up they are lightweight, flexible, soft, and breakproof. Some notable cons the measurements can be tricky to see and they hold on to smell.

If your baby prefers to be a little more independent when it comes to their bottle you can add Dr. Brown’s standard-sized silicone bottle handles to the silicone bottle. They come in Navy, Pink, and Teal. Stella really loved using handles as it made it easier to hold and tip-up when she was much smaller.

What are some of your favorite silicone bottles and have you tried these? I would love to know!

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