JarJackets: Silicone Sleeves for Mason Jars

Time for more silicone sleeves! I think I may have a little obsession with these awesome little things.

JarJacket Silicone Sleeves

I loved the Mason Jar Lifestyle sleeves, but I had only tried the 4 oz sleeves. So when the time came to use bigger bottles for Stella my search turned up another great company that made silicone sleeves, JarJackets.

The sleeves came in a variety of sizes and colors. I purchased a four pack of eight-ounce and a four pack of twelve-ounce sleeves in green, aqua, coral, and magenta. Unlike the Mason Jar Lifestyle sleeves, these had cutouts in unique patterns, which allowed me to see the milk level more easily.

JarJacket sleeves were a little thinner compared to the Mason Jar Lifestyle sleeves, but still extremely sturdy. I have dropped a few jars wearing them and not had any break on me.

My favorite sleeves are the twelve-ounce sleeve for regular mouth mason jars. I have not seen many companies make sleeves for that specific size. I think the only other place I have found was Mason-re. I absolutely adore the cute star design on them, and how the colors match the eight-ounce sleeves I had purchased earlier. Paired with the Mason Bottle straw top, I think it would be a great size for a sippy cup later on. I really cannot wait to use them!

The texture makes it easy for Stella to grip.

These nifty sleeves help me feel more confident as far as drops are concerned, and the grips make them easy to hold. I highly recommend them to anyone reusing their old mason jars.

JarJackets offer a variety of sizes and colors check them out!

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