Happy Family Organics

When choosing a formula I was very picky. In my previous post I talked about HIPP formula, but today I want to talk about another really great formula when HIPP is not so easily available.

Happy Family Organics

Happy Baby Organic is my next choice when I cannot get my hands on my favorite European formula. It has dual prebiotics and no other real nasties like in some American made formulas. There were only a few ingredients that were not ideal for me (soy oil and soy lecithin) but I was quite happy with the formula otherwise. It does foam up quite a bit when mixing, but my solution is to premix and store in the fridge. Stella’s stools still look like that of a breastfed baby and no gas or constipation issues either! I really do like this brands line of products and their story.

They also offer other baby products like cereals, snacks, and baby foods.

More to come on this brand and their products soon!

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