Bottles: Glass or Plastic?

When I was making my registry I was completely clueless when it came to bottles. I had honestly never thought about how many types were on the market. A bottle is a bottle right?

I had only added one introductory set of bottles to my list and never really thought of them again. I thought I was going to breastfeed, why did I need bottles? I learned so quickly after Stella’s birth how demanding breastfeeding was. Even after all our trouble with latching and having to exclusively pump until my milk untimely dried up, I felt like everything fell on my shoulders. I had to realize “Hey, you gotta step back and let your support system help.” Being able to give my husband a bottle and resting was so crucial for my recovery after giving birth, both mentally and physically. It was great to watch my husband get that same bonding time I had when feeding her. This started my journey of finding a bottle that was a right fit for my family and lifestyle.

I started out with the bottles that came with my breast pump. They were plastic and had a smaller “classic” style nipple. We only had one of those bottles and having to constantly clean one bottle became quite tedious. While in the hospital while Stella was under the bili light my sister bought us Tommee Tippee bottles. I had heard some great things from other people online and in real life. Unfortunately, she did not take to these bottles at all. She would turn her head and not even try to latch. I thought maybe she isn’t used to it and just needed some time to adjust. This was just not the case and it was just time to try something else.

Next, we tried NUK Simply Natural. My stepmother said NUK was all the rage when she had my two stepsisters. We had much better luck using these bottles over the previous ones. She would actually suck on these, not crocodile shake and death roll like before. These were not completely perfect they had their pros and cons. Pro: She took to this nipple with no fighting. Con: She would dribble about half of the milk out. I thought this was something normal. Babies are just messy creatures it’s nothing to worry about, but after a while, the mess was not worth it. I wanted to see if there was something else out there even better for little Stella.

After going through so many different types of bottles I realized just how expensive they are, but could they be useful after the baby has grown out of the bottle stage? Was there some product out there that I could use that grew with my baby? Many, many different bottles later, some kindly donated from family/friends and some I bought personally, I stumbled across several posts online about DIY glass bottles using mason jars. Now I love DIY and I also love to use glass for sustainability as well as avoiding possible chemicals in plastic, this seemed like something right up my alley. Why had I not thought about glass baby bottle before? I am by no means perfect and use my fair share of plastic things, but I do try to be somewhat conscious of it. The jars could be used for so many things after Stella had grown out of them. Baby food, snack cups, and sippy cups to name a few. It seemed too good to be true! I set out reading and researching any posts I could find on the subject. This site was very helpful in my research but unfortunately, they recommended the Comotomo nipples. We had tried those before and Stella just didn’t like them all too well.

After more digging around on google, I came across a picture on Pinterest showing a Chicco Natural Fit nipple used on a mason jar. I could not find much else as far as written information just a picture and small caption. I had a Chicco car seat and stroller but had no idea they also made feeding products. I found another picture on Pinterest showing a Similac nipple being used, so I made my way on over to Amazon.

I couldn’t find any of the Similac nipples in stock or they were discontinued, but I was able to find the Chicco Natural Fit Nipples. They offered several different options from slow flow to fast, and even the option for a slanted nipple. I picked up a slanted slow flow and a regular straight slow flow nipple and anxiously waited for them to arrive.

Stella took to these like a champ! She no longer leaked all over the place and did not have any issues with gassiness. Cleaning was a dream. No need for a bottle brush and no lingering smells like I was getting using a plastic bottle. The cost was unbeatable, I could go to the store and pick up 12 jars for around $8 USD and the nipples cost around $4 USD. All I had to do was wash the nipple with every new bottle and throw the dirty jars into the dishwasher! I had no issues with leaking, the only issue I ran into was nipple collapse when the ring was on too tight, but I just had to make sure and loosen the ring appropriately. The jars come in so many sizes from 4oz-12oz you can find what works best for your little one.

4oz 6oz 8oz & 12oz

I was still able to use my bottle warmer with these, but I prefer to use pre-warmed water when mixing my formula. When I was feeding breastmilk I preferred to use hot water in a bowl to slowly heat them. The awesome thing about some mason jars is you can freeze them! When storing breastmilk it made it so much easier to store and serve straight from the jar.

All said and done I really liked this little DIY. It made me feel good that I was no longer using plastics unnecessarily and could have multiple uses for one product. I feel like it is less clutter and a minimalistic approach to feeding.

I even found adorable little silicon sleeves to fit all shapes and sizes of jars!
*I will do a separate post on these*

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    1. Hi Malinda,
      I have gotten sleeves from MasonJarLifestyle and JarJackets. I love both companies equally as far as quality. For the gaskets I believe I found mine on eBay. The exact link should be in the article for the Tommee Tippee hack.

  1. Love this post. I also use mason jar bottles. And for food, and even sippy cups!! I started with mason bottle nipples but found comotomo also fit and my son liked those better.

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